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Hi dere, I'm Janelle Tingook from Anchorage Alaska :)
I'm 13 Years old, & I'm inLOVE with Justin Bieber, Vinny Castronovo, Tony Garcia,ICONicBoyz, & 1D ;) I'm always up for being friends with anyone. I'm very shy when it comes up to meeting someone new, but I like meeting people. If you knew me for a long time, then You'd think i'm weird, but Weird is GRAND :) <3 the eend.
→ ICONicBoyz: Chapter 1 :) "Are you Excited?"



Hey there! I’m Janelle tingook, from Anchorage Alaska, I’m 13 Years old!

I go to Mears Middle, and I’m Inlove with the ICONicBoyz , Tony and Vinny.

My mom’s name is Priscilla Tingook, My friends name is Jelica.

I’m Always on tumblr, Facebook and twitter, The main reasons I’m on…

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Reblog if you’d care if I committed suicide tonight

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